Gaurav Industries

Gaurav Industries - Elecrama

Gaurav Industries is a leading manufacturer of engineering items and machine tools. We manufacture, design and exports various products including On Load Tap Changer Components for Power Transformers, Selector Gear Assembly for On Load Tap Changer, Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism Components, Gas Insulated Switchgear Components, CNC Precision Turned Components, Gears, CNC Lathe Tool Holder Bushing, Quick Change Tool Post, Precision Turned Critical Components, Import Substitute Items, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Valves and Fittings, LPG Gas Regulators and Valves Precision Components, Pressure Cooker Parts, Weight Sets and Parts, Building Materials and Hardware, Machinery Items, Automobile Parts, Pendulums for Dowsing and Fancy Items.

All the above products are available in ferrous as well as non-ferrous material. Ferrous material includes EN Series, Alloy Steels, HS Steel and 8620 Alloys. Non-ferrous material includes Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium and Copper in various grades.