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Various new products of Gaurav Industries

Various products of Gaurav Industries

Gaurav Industries is a leading manufacturer of engineering Components and machine tools. The company uses the latest CNC machines (tuning, Vertical milling) & EDM machines to manufacture varities of engineering Components and cater to products available in ferrous as well as non - ferrous material. Ferrous material includes EN series, Alloy steels, HS steels and 8620 Alloys. Non-ferrous material includes Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium and Copper in various grades.

We provide fully finished machined casting components with respect to Cast iron, Spherodical Graphite Iron, Carbon Steel, Copper, High conductivity copper, Copper - Chromium, Stainless steel, Aluminium Bronze & Leaded Tin Bronze Castings, and other alloying of special grade of castings.

The products can be custom manufactured according to the technical specifications provided by the customer.

Godrej &
Several Others

Several of our components are used in super speciality industries where high precision is required.

Our products cater to various industries like :

Machining operations for all the components are carried out on well equipped latest CNC machines.

They also find applications in industries such as - Agriculture, Appliance, Metal working Machinery, Instruments, Recreation and Leisure, Oil Field, Industrial Equipments, Electronics, Switch Gear and Elevator Industries.