Gaurav Industries - Elecrama

Quick Change Tool Post


Total Assembly
Model Tool Shank Size Suitable for Lathes
GI-075 12mm sq to 20mm sq Centre height 75 to 150mm
GI-150 15mm sq to 25mm sq Centre height 150 to 180mm & upto 3 H.P
GI-210 20mm sq to 32mm sq Centre height 180 to 250 mm & upto 15 H.P

Salient Features

  1. Tool changing achieved in split of second.
  2. Substantial reduction in setting time.
  3. Guaranteed Tool Positioning accuracy within 0.005 mm.
  4. Regrinding of tool without removing from the holder.
  5. All the parts are made form Alloy steel, dully heat treated, ground, blackoxidised/ Powder coated.
  6. Number of extra operations possible with pre set tools and special accessories.
  7. Set consists of:- One centre Block, Four Turning Holders, One Boring Holder & One spanner each for Holder Locking and Tool Clamping.

Suitablity Chart

GI-075 GI-150 GI-210
G.D.Weiler & Bench Type Lathes Mysore Kirloskar, EP-1330, HICUT, GD Loyal, GD weiler, Anil Model 1 to 4, Tiger, Enterprise 1330, Lathes Venus HG31, Venus HG41, Sukan SU-37 and all 4-1/2' Lathes. HMT-LB-17, LB-20, LB-22, LT-20, NH-22, NH-26, H-22, H-26, Vikram Mysore, Kirloskar shimoga, Enterprise series such as 1550, 1675, 1810, 2215, Sagar, Atul No.1 to 4, Sukan SU-41, Venus HG50 and all similar sized Lathes


  1. M 10 X 50 Sq hd bolts
  2. M 8 X 32 bolts
  3. Clamping Piece
  4. Ferrule
  5. Washer
  1. Eccentric Shaft
  2. Thimble
  3. Height Adjustment Plate
  4. Spanner "L"
  5. Spanner "T"
M 10 X 50 Sq hd bolts, M 8 X 32 bolts, Clamping Piece

Ferrule, Washer, Eccentric Shaft

Height Adjustment Plate, Spanner "L"

Spanner "T"